As a fashion corporation,we believe offering high-quality products is the core of the development of company. As a responsible enterprise,we always think of the impact of the manufacturing,fashion industry to the environment, animals and people cannot be ignored.


 The more we develop our fashion career, the more concern and protection of environment we need without no doubt.

We commit to develop responsible products which means we pay attention on the recyclable or alternative solution, including the material itself, design and packaging.
We focus on recycling program,one method to extend the cycle of the clothes, with our cooperative platform.
One green way of manufacturing in reality is important factor we need to consider.
We cooperate with the good partnership, as Human Rights, Security are what we pay continuous attention.


Our Long-term Program - More Trees, More Green
We realized that the protection of environment and reduce the maximum impact to environment is critical. Insisting the sustainable development is our duty.

The best time of planting a tree was the last past 10 years. Another best time is NOW.

We have donate 1532 trees to the last half of year.

As a long-term program, we insist the more behavior we take, the more contribution we make to the environment and carbon-neutral, We expect so for the people surround us, the entire fashion industry and the world.

For the current circumstance, we always concern closely about the environment, animals and people.

But did you think about what is the solution will you solve in your life which can develop our nature and society better? We firmly believe anyone as the one member of society can do more better to the environment.

We have our plan as follows: We will take 12th of each month as our Ursime Green day.

Instagrm #Ursimeearthfriendlyfashion- to get more information.