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If you'd love to become a part of our ambassador partner at Ursime. Don't hesitate! Just join and spread Ursime's spirit with us right now!

★ 1. Public account with 2K followers on social media.
★ 2. Individual basis will be considered: commitment, interest, enthusiasm, etc.
★ 3. We only accept applications from USA region at present.
All requests must be sent to , subjected with #Ursime, @your social media handle.

Please include all the following information in the email

★ 1. Name/age/country of residence(Love to know you better!)
★ 2. Links or usernames to your Instagram,TikTok,Youtube,etc.
★ 3. Your promotion idea for us. Let’s be creative together!

You can go about promoting in many ways!

If you have any questions about this, please email We help you with this!<333
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