Want To Collab?


     Become #Ursime Ambassador!


If you'd love to become a part of our ambassador partner at Ursime. Don't hesitate! Just join and spread Ursime's spirit with us right now!

★ 1. Public account with 2K followers on social media.
★ 2. Individual basis will be considered: commitment, interest, enthusiasm, etc.
★ 3. We only accept applications from USA region at present.
All requests must be sent to support@ursime.com , subjected with #Ursime, @your social media handle.

Please include all the following information in the email

★ 1. Name/age/country of residence(Love to know you better!)
★ 2. Links or usernames to your Instagram,TikTok,Youtube,etc.
★ 3. Your promotion idea for us. Let’s be creative together!

You can go about promoting in many ways!

If you have any questions about this, please email support@ursime.com. We help you with this!<333