The name of brand Ursime comes from a beautiful ancient tale from Yi nationality living aournd The Himalayas.
The well-told story narrates that Ursime, the pretty and kind daughter of a local tailor, hadn’t heard from her lover, Ahei, since he went to join the army. Ursime had been keeping waiting for her beloved one to return. However, a local bully had eyes for her and tried to take her by force. Without giving up, Ursime united with villagers and finally defeated this bully, the son of landlord, with her wisdom and courage. It is said that there is still a stone named Ursime. It is well believed that Ursime will wait for her lover until the end of time.
We use Ursime as the name of our brand to reflect the awakening of female consciousness represented by Ursime, in order to affirm female’s right to pursuit not only truth, goodness and beauty, but also liberty and happiness.
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